Meet the Teacher: Maura Majano

I come from a family of teachers; early on, at age 16, I started my career teaching flute to younger neighbourhood kids. After my B.A., I went on to teach summer pottery classes before receiving my elementary teaching degree from UBC in 2000.
Since then, I have helped write educational workbooks on communication skills and run my own tutoring business. I prefer the personal approach to teaching tutoring affords me and have gained a clear understanding of what children with learning challenges need to succeed.  

It is extremely important for these students to feel successful so I gear my lessons for that outcome. Their subsequent increased confidence impacts their further performance.

After my children were born and entered public school, I understood even more fully the needs of special learners. Both my children are on the spectrum and I have educated myself to support their learning: educationally and emotionally. 

I have attended many workshops on autism and social skills as well as Sibshops training and PEERS. Social deficits and anxiety often impact learning and so recently I have started offering friendship groups to build students’ skills and resilience.

Personally, I have learned to advocate for my kids and navigate the public and homeschool system. I am hoping to build my business so that I can help these special learners like my own children. 

My newly offered classes are designed to reach more kids, include a communication skills component, but still incorporate and individualized educational program.

My underlying purpose is to help students emotionally while supporting their educational goals. Please contact me if you would like references or more info on my training.