Program Overview

Sibshops provides a space for siblings of disabled kids to feel accepted and understood. The Sibshops program was developed through Seattle Hospital as a much needed resource for siblings of children with special needs. Our sessions may include games, crafts and cooking. This is not a counselling program, but an opportunity for these children to blow off steam and share experiences with other children who they can relate to.

  • Sessions: 8 Sessions
  • Fees: $40 CAD
What Else We Are Offering

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Social Sprouts

The Social Sprouts series helps children build fundamental social competencies and develop their readiness for group learning at school.

Social Saplings

Social Saplings is about developing social skills and social thinking in children ages 7-12. This is a great program for kids who have trouble socially and have mild anxiety.

What, Me Worry?

Our What, Me Worry? course uses Taming Worry Dragons, which is an adaptation of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.