Program Overview

Our What, Me Worry? course uses Taming Worry Dragons

and other resources to identify the source of your child’s worries and guide them through cognitive behavioural therapy and expressive arts to develop coping strategies.

Through our weekly sessions, we work together to develop and practice cognitive and behavioural tools to reduce the impact of worry on our daily lives.

This class is taught in an engaging format, and practicing the class-taught tools at home is strongly encouraged.

Our What, Me Worry? course includes a short parent debrief and homework after each session. We offer both a children’s and teen’s group.


  • Age Group: 6-12 years , 13-18 years
  • Sessions: 8 Sessions
  • Class Duration: 1 Hour
  • Fees: $480 CAD
What Else We Are Offering

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Social Sprouts

The Social Sprouts series helps children build fundamental social competencies and develop their readiness for group learning at school.

Social Saplings

Social Saplings is about developing social skills and social thinking in children ages 7-12. This is a great program for kids who have trouble socially and have mild anxiety.


PEERS program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills PEERs is the only evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated teens.