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Whether you are just starting to help your child or are looking for new solutions, I can offer you guidance. I am an educator and mother who is passionate about and experienced in supporting and facilitating social and behavioral development in young children and teens. Namely, I support those young children and teens (ages 4-22) who present with ADHD, depression, low support needs autism, pervasive developmental disorder, anxiety, and other social or behavioral issues. My underlying goal is to support students emotionally while working to help them achieve their educational goals.

As a mother to two teen boys with ASD, ADHD, and anxiety, I offer a unique and compassionate perspective. After my children were born and entered public school, I gained a first-hand understanding of the needs of special learners. I educated myself to support their learning educationally and emotionally after realizing the extent to which social deficits and anxiety often impact learning. As I learned to advocate for my kids and navigate the public and homeschool system, I began working on building my business to help special learners.

Certified Teacher & provider of PEERS, SibShops, and Facing Your Fears

I have been involved in teaching from the age of 16 in various subjects. I am a certified elementary school teacher (BA, BEd, UBC) and a certified provider of PEERS, SibShops, and Facing Your Fears. I have also received training from the POPARD program. I have helped to write educational workbooks on communication skills, and I have spent years teaching challenged learners and leading social groups. Additionally, I have attended educational workshops on topics such as executive functioning, social stories, social thinking, emotional regulation, anxiety, interoception, and other autism-related topics.
After struggling for several years to find good social groups for my kids, I decided to offer my own based on my own research, education, and what I found to work through my own trials and errors. I prefer the personal approach to teaching that tutoring affords me. This has helped me gain a clear understanding of what children with learning challenges need to succeed.
All classes are held at my home workshop in South Surrey, BC or ONLINE. Please contact me if you would like references, more information on my training, or have any other questions.

Student-centered Personal Approach

Student educational prosperity and emotional safety are my number one priority. I utilize a student-centered personal approach when it comes to teaching. My classes are designed to reach more students by including a communication skills component and also incorporating an individualized educational program. It is extremely important for students to feel successful, which is why I gear my lessons for that outcome. Their increased confidence impacts their future performance.
Supporting special learners in their educational journey, while providing an emotionally stimulating, and safe space is what I strive for. I offer both group and individual sessions depending on your child’s needs and have also offered parent coaching workshops. In the past, I have also held workshops for parents to help them support their children through anxiety, bullying, and social challenges. Whatever your aim, I am here to help you navigate the journey of social and behavioral development by fostering emotional and educational learning.
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