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Executive Functioning

Kids and teens will learn to plan and organize, stay focused, finish tasks and reach goals as well as other EF skills.

  • Age:10-17 years
  • Time::1 Hour

Social Sprouts

Based on the We Thinkers curriculum, the Social Sprouts series helps children build fundamental social competencies and develop their readiness for group learning at school.

  • Age:4-6 years
  • Time::1.5 Hour

Social Saplings

Social Saplings is about developing social skills and social thinking in children ages 7-12. This is a great program for kids who have trouble socially and have mild anxiety.

  • Age:7-12 years
  • Time::1.5 Hour

What, Me Worry?

This course uses Taming Worry Dragons (children and teens), Facing Your Fears and art therapy techniques, all which incorporate Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

  • Age:6-12 years, 13-18 Years
  • Time::1 Hour


PEERS program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills PEERs is the only evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated teens.

  • Age:11-22 years
  • Time::1.5 Hours


Sibshops provides a space for siblings of disabled kids to feel accepted and understood.

  • Age:7-10 years
  • Time::1 Hour

Expressive Art

This class allows kids to make some art and learn some communication skills and anxiety coping strategies at the same time.

  • Age:5-18 years
  • Time::1.5 Hours
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